PowerPoint Presentation design with interactive navigation

Heaton Valves are a leading stockist and distributor of premium valves.

This PowerPoint presentation was designed to be used by their sales departments to present the company to prospective clients and distributors. They already had a great brand identity, so we were able to incorporate the style to match their website.

This presentation consisted of many products and product categories. With this in mind, our PowerPoint presentation design team decided to create an interactive navigation PowerPoint presentation. The interactive features allow the presenter freedom and flexibility when presenting as they can navigate to whichever section or product they prefer.

We kept the design style in the corporate teal, and accompanied it with strong industrial images to suit the engineering industry they feature in.


Our focus is on providing the best solution possible for our clients. If the presenter has a lot of ground to cover, they may want to choose which sections of the presentation they want to discuss. With an interactive navigation PowerPoint presentation, the user can skip straight to the section they wish to discuss, or they can go back and pull up an previously covered section, without having to up and down arrow.

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