We designed this PowerPoint presentation for Susan Mercer, a Financial Wealth Planner. Her brand is feminine, yet strong. We wanted to design a PowerPoint presentation which wasn’t merely a template, but a tool for her to use for speaking events.

By keeping the palette in line with her brand, we were able to introduce pictures and concepts which don’t “fight” with her content, but rather enhance it.


A key element of PowerPoint presentation design is to establish a colour palette which is in-line with the brand style guide. With corporate presentation design, we use a limited colour palette. The purpose of this is that it reduces the clutter and maintains brand integrity. Our aim is to take the viewer on a journey, ie from A to B. If we make that journey confusing then we stand the chance of “losing” the audience. With this in mind, we recommend using three or less colours in your presentations. Note. this not need apply to charts and graphs which require differentiation with colours. For these, we would set up a complimentary colour palette.

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