GTS Lufthansa approached us to design a series of PowerPoint presentations and templates for them.

This PowerPoint presentation was designed to be used by their various sales departments around the world. Our presentation designers chose strong images from their image library along with statements and statistics. We chose a strong photographic route as opposed to an infographic route. This was due to their marketing department having a fantastic image library, and also to keep the presentation in line with their other branded collateral.

All content is editable and the pictures can easily be changed. This allows different users in each territory to update with their local information.


Our focus is on proving a strong return-on-investment for our clients. As such, we will endeavour to design presentations which are as editable as possible. This includes ensuring we custom draw vector icons etc to allow the user to change the colour; ensure we use safe fonts so there are no defaulting issues and copyright safe imagery.

Are you interested in finding out more about requiring editable files, especially in other graphic design applications? Then pop over and read our blog article about graphic design software which is published on our main company, Halo Media – a graphic design and brand development studio in Durban, South Africa.

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