GTS Lufthansa contacted Halo Media (of which PowerPointPRO is a specialist division) to design a cool PowerPoint presentation for the launch of their new brand. We loved the fact that we were able to break away from a purely corporate presentation, and have a little fun!

We came up with a theme which fit their global tour and launch objectives. Thereafter, our copywriter developed the script. This presentation was truely in-line with global trends in that most slides had little (if any) text – there wasn’t a bullet point in sight! Instead, the script was given to the presenter who learned it well. They were given prompt notes and instead of reading the slide to their audience, they spoke through the content and the slides functioned as a speaker assist.

This global tour was held in:

  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • South Africa
  • Philippines
  • Australia

The presentation was a resounding success and the GTS Lufthansa Managing Director shared the following:

“The kick-off of the tour went really well. The presentation 100% did the job – the right mix of information, fun and personality!

But the whole set-up with the invite, the survey and finally the presentation was a really good package.

Really well done! It was definitely worth it! A big “Thank You” to you and your team!”

– Barbara
GTS Lufthansa


Yes, but you can have a corporate cool powerpoint presentation! But it’s a narrow path and you don’t want to stray or can become unprofessional or kitsch.

Quick tips for adding a bit of life into a dull corporate presentation:

  • No Clipart!
    Actually, there is never a time or place for this, so this is not exclusive to this checklist!
  • Use quality imagery:
    Especially when you are looking for quirkier imagery, don’t skimp on the quality of the photos.
  • Know your tone and image style:
    Don’t pick random non-corporate images – find ones that suit both the brand and the content of the presentation.
  • Adapt to suit your presenter:
    It’s important that your presentation style suits the person who is presenting it. A
  • Respect the brand:
    A cool PowerPoint presentation still needs to represent the company in it’s best light. Make sure you stay in line with the brand integrity. And if you are taking a detour from the brand guidelines, check that it is in line with the brand vision

This launch presentation was part of the full brand rollout. Halo Media refined the corporate identity and provided logo design, brand guidelines, presentation design and brand development support to the marketing team. If you are interested in a new presentation or a rebrand, we’d love to chat to you! so get in touch today!